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Since 1984 Camera has been a leading player in the distribution market for current affairs and investigative journalism documentaries. For over ten years Camera has represented the BBC catalogue for News & Current Affairs in Italy. In 2005 Camera evolved into a new structure, “Camera Distribuzioni Internazionali,” to distribute documentaries, tv series, music concerts and other formats. We directly source content at international markets, aggregate it and curate it following the editorial needs of our clients. We pride ourselves for being a reliable and innovative partner for any broadcasting platform.


Camera, in collaboration with two labs in Milan and Rome, directly oversees the dubbing of our content. We closely follow the adaptation from English to Italian, revise translated scripts and before the given documentary is broadcasted we personally control the artistic quality of the dub. Our catalogue counts over 650 hours of available dubbed content.

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Camera, in collaboration with Telecom Italia’s Cubovision TV, has created and managed “Canale Reportage”, the first on demand channel in Italy to focus exclusively on investigative journalism and theatrical documentaries.


Dario Barone
Founder & CEO

Over the course of his thirty years long career in the television business Dario has worked as a documentary writer, director and producer. In 1994 he acquired Camera, one of the main Italian distributors of current affairs. He has founded and chaired the National Association of Documentary Professionals, doc/it. As well as developing Camera’s distribution department, Dario started co-producing with Europe’s main broadcasters documentaries for national television. He was amongst the first producers to bring out video-journalism content in Italy and the first to conceive and realize a docu-soap. With Camera Dario devised and managed “Canale Reportage,”the first on demand channel in Italy to focus exclusively on investigative journalism and theatrical documentaries in collaboration with Telecom Italia’s digital TV platform Cubovision.

Elena Urbani
Sales & Acquisitions

Elena earned her BA in Institutions & Politics of Human Rights at the University of Padua and an MA in TV Marketing and Communication at the Cattolica del Sacro Cuore University in Milan. While still studying she worked for San Marino RTV and A3 Nordest networks as a tv journalist. From 2012 to 2013 she worked as an Editorial Assistant at Sky Italy in the Scheduling, Communication and Broadcasting department, helping to launch its new channel Sky Arte HD. In 2014 she worked as writer and producer for 3D Produzioni developing projects for the Milan Design Week and in collaboration with Piccolo Teatro, one of Milan’s most prestigious theatres. She joined Camera’s Sales & Acquisitions team in 2014.

Francesca Botta
Sales & Acquisitions

From 1997 to 2003 Francesca Botta worked for Camera to become its head of Sales & Acquisitions in the last three years. From 2003 until January 2010 she worked for Mikado Film, one of Italy’s main theatrical distributors, Dolmen Home Video and e.MIK (companies owned by DeAgostini Group). There, she started as the Audiovisual Rights Executive Manager to become the head of ‘Domestic TV, New Media and Special Operation Sales Dept.’ and buyer of non-theatrical programs for Dolmen Home Video. From 2011 until December 2016 she was head of Sales & Acquisition at CDI-Camera Distribuzioni Internazionali. After three years at ON AIR FILM, where she worked on feature films for tv broadcast, Francesca joined Camera’s Sales & Acquisitions team again in 2020.

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